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Our sweaters are a work of art, while Christmas has always been a magical time, filling our hearts with happiness and joy. Choose a present for yourself, or perhaps for a loved one too. These Norwegian sweaters will bring a smile to everyone's face :) Snowmen, penguins, marching reindeer, a smiling Christmas tree – what more could we wish for? We have devoted a lot of our time and energy to creating a top quality product. We refuse to economise on material, meaning that all our sweaters are made of high-quality acrylic, so they remain warm and pleasant to the touch. You won't get cold wearing one of our sweaters.

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If you are looking for that perfect addition to a Christmas outfit, this warm sweater featuring a joyful snowman will help you feel confident at any Christmas party, whether with family, friends, or colleagues from work. What better way to appear laid back, to show that you know how to be casual and relaxed away from the formalities of work, regardless of your position and duties? So give in to your imagination, or test the sense of humour of your loved ones, and remind them about what is really important: laughter, love and surprises! The latter may be especially true here, as what appears to be an uncomfortable traditional sweater, perhaps knitted by a loving grandmother, is in fact warm and pleasant to the touch – an ideal addition for those who are brave enough to play with convention.

  • The sweater is based upon a good quality knit, one that is pleasant to the touch.
  • Our designers have chosen classics in the best possible way, featuring a circular neckline and practical ribbing on the cuffs and around the waist.
  • With its high-quality finish, it will look well with many things from your wardrobe.
  • We cannot recommend this too highly – it will make a great addition to your wardrobe.
  • Material: 100% acrylic, pleasant to the touch



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