Marching Reindeer's UNISEX

Our sweaters are a work of art, while Christmas has always been a magical time, filling our hearts with happiness and joy. Choose a present for yourself, or perhaps for a loved one too. These Norwegian sweaters with a reindeer motif will bring a smile to everyone's face :) Snowmen, penguins, marching reindeer, a smiling Christmas tree – what more could we wish for? We have devoted a lot of our time and energy to creating a top quality product. We refuse to economise on material, meaning that all our sweaters are made of high-quality acrylic, so they remain warm and pleasant to the touch. You won't get cold wearing one of our sweaters.

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Have you ever wondered where good taste comes from? The secret is having the courage to experiment and to abandon clichéd solutions. The bolder the plan, the more spectacular the effect. With this unusual antlered sweater – subdued and yet also boldly alluding to the long tradition of "grandma's knitted pullovers" – you have the chance to surprise everyone and show your humorous side with a wink to the past.

Appearances are often deceiving: the apparently uncomfortable woollen sweater hides a dark secret: its pleasure on the skin, characterised by a fine and stylish texture. Ideal for Midnight Mass in a cold church, or for carol singing with your friends!

  • The sweater is based upon a good quality knit, one that is pleasant to the touch.
  • Our designers have chosen classics in the best possible way, featuring a circular neckline and practical ribbing on the cuffs and around the waist.
  • With its high-quality finish, it will look well with many things from your wardrobe.
  • We cannot recommend this too highly – it will make a great addition to your wardrobe.
  • Material: 100% acrylic, pleasant to the touch


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